My tenant wants to break their lease - what do I do?

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People often ask me how to deal with a tenant who asks to break their lease.

To minimise your stress and get good returns you must deal effectively with tenants who want to break their fixed leases.

Using a high quality professional property manager will significantly reduce your stress and costs when a tenant wants to break their lease.

A high quality property management company will eliminate the risk of your rights being accidentally eroded, and will manage negotiations and re-letting if required at any time of the year.

A high quality property management company also knows the law well and will not let the tenant off their lease unless they know the tenant has a legal right.
This can be a complex area and experience and good advice do count.

A break in the lease can normally be managed with no interruption to cash flow.
This happens with a systematic and documented process where all parties consent in the correct order to any new tenancy.
At Quinovic Johnsonville we first ensure the tenant accepts in writing they are responsible for all costs so there is no interruption to cash flow.
Then we advertise and find a suitable new tenant.
Then we get written confirmation from the old tenant they approve the start date, because they are paying up to the day before.
Then we get the new tenancy agreement signed by an agreed date and notify the outgoing tenant by an agreed date that the new tenancy is confirmed.

If legal and documented steps are not followed in the correct order, and in a way (whatever time of year it is) there is a good chance that significant loses will be incurred.

Tenants are often let of their leases by landlords who are unaware of their rights.
Non-professional landlords can also often feel obliged to tenants who plead hardship.
There can also be significant interruption to lifestyle dealing with this at an inconvenient time.
The most common times a tenant wants to break their lease in the middle of winter, or just before Christmas.

Quinovic Johnsonville has grown to be the most successful property management service in Wellington's Northern Suburbs and is a multiple award winning franchise.

Our success comes from the systems we use, the experience we have and our commitment to applying those systems to give our customers the best returns on their property investments.

If you want to live your life the way you'd like to, we'd love to talk to you about managing your property for you.

See you soon.

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